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Kinzhalnaya, Kinzhalka

Modern fast-archery technique coming from Russia. It can be found by both names - as far as I know the official one is "kinzhalnaya", but I like "kinzhalka" more. The name is derived from the name of dagger (kinzhal), because the technique should be simillary fast and efficient. The elegancy is one of its less common properties; an archer using this technique looks both noble and deadly. That's why the modification of this technique was used by Legolas from Lord of the Rings movie. There are some more advantages like good speed and drawing arrows directly from the quiver.

The author of the technique id russian known by its nickname SeregedelReal. But probably more famous if Iza Privezenceva, who is - as a lovely woman - of course much more interesting.

Arrow storage - in the quiver on the back.

Separation of arrow - by drawing from the quiver by the nock held with thumb, index and middle fingers.
Nocking - by the pull from the inside. String hand is also in the inside.
Drawing the string - mediterranean draw above the arrow from the inside. String is drawn by string hand only.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 2 seconds

Technique is not difficult to learn, but it is very important to have right and tuned quiver. Because of drawing arrows from the back it is better to have shorter arrows or longer hands. It is neccessary to shoot with string hand from the inside, but it is not problem for me. I rather like it.

My imitation and description of technique: