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Welcome to fast archery page!

In this web I try to gather different archery techniques that enables you to shoot  arrows in fast series - it is usually called rapid archery, fast archery or speed archery. If you are interested in archery of Larse Andersen, Laiose Kassai or (even) movie Legolas, then you will find information here how to achieve it.

I have chosen the fast archery because I like it, and it is something different than sportsmen or historical reentactors do. Very little information can be generally found to the fast archery topic, so I try to fill the gap in information. I don't try to be archery authority. Techniques that I describe here are what I tried, and I describe those that I practically tested. If I just speculate somewhere, I state it clearly in the text. I also try to do some systematization of techniques, that you can use to your search for you own ideal fast-archery technique.

This web is originally written in Czech. Then I found that these informations are hard to find even in English, so I began to translate. Only part of the web is in English now, and you can expect more articles appear in the future, as I go on with the translation.


Happy reading, and I wish you large amount of fast-shot arrows!