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About me

My name is Petr Kavan, my mail . You can contact me there if you want.

I started with archery rather accidentally. First I gave my daughter a light 28lb bow as a christmas present, because I thought she may enjoy it. We were given instructions about how to draw the string correctly, aim by looking along the arrow etc. Several times we shot at the box leaned on the hay bale, and the we stopped. It was quite boring.

Several months later I saw famous video of Lars Andersen, with his action archery tricks. It all looked so more interesting than what I was taught! I said the I wanted to know this.

I started to research how for god's sake Lars does it, and searcher through the internet. I have found that something like instinctive aiming exists, and found how many ways are there to nock the arrow and hold the string. I found it amazing. Because I had the bow with ergonomically shaped grip, I could not do the same as Lars, so I started to experiment. From time to time I made some new trick, and then was surprised that I found it described somewhere on the web.

In the end I collected rather large amount of techniques, and I began to tidy it up a bit. This web is the result. Techniques that I describe were tested by me, and I learned them enought to use them at least partially. What is described here is what I have practically tested, or I clearly state that I did not. Of course I like some techniques more the others, and I surely don§t have the best possible results with all of them. It is not even possible, in the end you have to choose one or two favourite ones, and train only them.

I don't want to appear as a master here. Fast archery is fun for me, and this web summarizes everything that I learned and found, tu fill the gap in how archery is usually taught nowadays.