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Petr Kavan

I have proudly placed myself next to Kassai or Cozmei in order to show the technique that I like most. It is likely that I am not the only one who uses it, but I developed it myself, so I name it by myself.

AMENDMENT: I have just found that similar technique uses Lukas Novotny, legend among bowmakers (he makes most renowned bows Saluki). That, of course, raise my self-esteem. Lukas differs in that he nocks by a pull (not push) and shoots with thumb draw (probably; it is not visible well on videos).

Arrow storage - in bow hand, on the inner side of the bow, fith feathers pointing up and arrows canted a bit to outside. Arrows must be spread around the bow in one layer; they must not form an unordered bunch

Separation of arrow - Next arrow I firstly lean out a bit by index finger of bow hand. Then I grab the arrow nock between the thumb a straightened index and middle fingers.
Nocking - by a push. String hand ends in "slavic draw", which I then use for shooting.
Drawing the string - by slavic draw. Both hands do the drawing.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 1.5 seconds


I will summariaze why I use this technique

1) Nocking by push works best for me, and it goes well with slavic draw. So I searched for a technique that will allow me to use both.

2) Arrows in bow hand are very reliable, they never spill even during the most action motion, and can always be easily taken. As s whole it is more stable then technique of Mihai Cozmei (which I like too) and also than "loading" from quiver. Arrows also don't take place in the string hand, where you can have a cold weapon, for example.

3) I do lean the arrows out, because it is better than drawing (arrow is always in contact with bow and does not lose position regardles opf shaking). And potentially can be done also with broadheads.

4) I hold arrows with feathers to the top, because I can nock them from such position a bit faster then the arrows with feathers down.

5) Low capacity of bow hand (4-5 arrows) may be solved by frequent refilling from the quiver. I can be done quite quickly, but some time loss there is for sure.


Half a year have passed and I improved myself a bit and also found some variants of the technique. See video.