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Thilo Mandel


Thilo Mandel (Germany) tried to create archery technique that would match what we know about ancient Scythian archers. There is little known about their archery, but they are often portrayed with the quiver hanging at the same side they have the bow. Which is a bit unusual, and their archery style should have used it.

Arrow storage - in the quiver at waist. Quiver is on the same side as the bow, and it is slanted so that arrow nocks point to the back, side and backwards.

Separation of arrow - By the bow hand (together with the bow) he reaches for next arrow in the quiver. He takes it by thumb against index and middle fingers, and pulls it out. Then he uses index finger to twist the arrow to horizontal position, so that it (roughly) points to target.
NockingBy a push.  Arrow is taken by its nock by string hand. First he moves the arrow over above his bow-hand thumb (so it ends in position you shoot from) and nocks by a push. Then he changes hold to thumb draw.
Drawing the string - mostly by string hand.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 3 - 5 seconds (I am in fact faster then Thilo, but I don't mean to brag :-) )

My description of technique