Fast archery




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Phases of shot

Before the arrow is shot, you go through these phases:
1) Holding arrows - somewhere you have a bunch of arrows, that you take single arrows from.
2) Separation of arrow from the bunch
3) Putting arrow to the bow, nocking
4) Drawing the string
5) Aiming
6) Releasing the arrow

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Not everyone would separate it into these phases. Sport archers care about the shot from point 4, from the previous they are interested only in how archer stands. Sport archer has enough time for drawing the arrow and nocking, so he does not have to have a perfect method for it. But for fast archers points 1-3 are crucial, because that is where you have most time losses. Most twists of fast archery are about these three points.

On the other hand, sport archer would usually add one more phases, something like Finish or Relaxation. I don§t have it there, because there is no relaxantion in fast archery - just as the arrow leaves the bow you nock another one, ideally before the first one hits the target.