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Jack Fang, Ali - Chinese traditional

When I first saw this technique, I had to laugh at my previous idea to cover all fast-shooting possibilities by general principles. This technique does not fit in several categories of mine. while being pretty easy, sure and functional. (in video first 45s)

Well, Jack Fang does not mark this technique as "traditional"; he says that he learned it from chinese bowmaker, but does not know anything about its history.

Arrow storage - in the quiver at the waist.

Separation of arrow - Arrow is taken by string hand between straightened index finger and middle finger, with thumb against them. Arrow points down to the palm.
Nocking - Bow hand bends in the elbow, so the bow goes down and to you. String hand in the same time goes to the string, so that it catches the string by straightened index finger (which then works as :railo: that guides the arrow nock to the string). During this motion you adjust rotation of arrow by rolling. It is necessary to train to put the arrow in the right place on the string, but otherwise it is quite easy. As soon as arrow locks on the string, the bow hand (with the bow) straightens, and the string hand changes hold to whatever you need. I now have a blister on thumb, so I shoot with nonchinese mediterranean.

Drawing string - as you want. If you add some push with the front hand, then it will be faster, because it strarts with the bow somewhere near chest.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 2-3 seconds

My imitation and description of technique



I was notified by Jiří Šoulák that Ali (owner of ) shoots in a similar way. The technique is really almost the same (and he may be the one who Jack Fang taught it from), the difference is that Ali holds arrows in the bow hand and not in quiver. I have made different video for it. Original video from Ali was on facebook from where it can't be linked (or I don't know how), so I just offer my presentation.