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Zoltán Büki

Zoltán Büki (Hungary) is interested in old Scythians. He presents  himself only in Hungary, so I don't know much about him. All the same he tried to build a fast archery technique that would suit Scythian warrior equiped in a way that historical sources say. One of the unusual features is for example a quiver at the other hip than we are used to.


Arrow storage - in the quiver at waist, but the quiever is aon the same side as bow. It is better when it is a bit in front of body.
Separation of arrow - The bow is lowered to the arrows, string hand reaches between the bow and the string (it sort of crosses the other hand), and takes the end of arrow by the thumb and straightened index and middle fingers.
Nocking - either by push or pull (it is not clear from video), I do it by a push. STring hand ends in "mediterranean from outside", but Zoltán then switches to apache draw, or rather pinch draw
Drawing the string - apache draw or pinch draw. Both hands draw.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 3 seconds


My imitation and description of technique