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Leo Bennett

Leo Bennetis quite a young boy, who all the same does well on the horseback with bow. He calls his technique as "Samarian", which I don't know exactly what it means, but it may be connected to Samarias in Israel. I have not found much about origins of this technique and I think the this is just Leo's invention, not a real historical technique.


Storage of arrows - int he bow hand, on the inner side of the bow. Feathers are to the top and canted a bit to outside. Arrows must be spread in one layer around the bow, not in an unordered bunch.
Separation of arrow - next arrow is grabed by index finger and leaned out. Leaning out is then finished together with middle finger and thumb.
Nocking - by a pull, the rail is made from a thumb put to the arrow nock from above. String hand ends in mediterranean from outside, which is also used for shooting.
Drawing the string - by mediterranean from outside. Leo Bennet draws almost only by string hand, I use both.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 1 second, potentionaly maybe faster


My imitation and description of technique