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Mihai Cozmei

Mihai Cozmei (Romania). One of fast-archery legends. The core of his technique is based on Arabic manuals (Arab archery and Saracen archery), and he says that also Manchurian technique, however I don't know where he found its description. Generally he uses two variants - either he loads from the quiver at the waist, or from string hand. I describe here the faster variant from the string hand.

Arrow storage - in the string hand, held by the end of arrows in the fist, feathers to the palm.
Separation of arrow - With the string hand he raises whole bunch, finger of front hand grabs one arrow. Then he returns string hand down, by which the arrow is separated by leaning out.
NockingBy taking arround. Separated arrow is first taken between index and middle fingers, and then it is nocked by taking around (in a special variant when the arrow nock is not pushed directly against the bowstring, but it is slided on the bowstring from above). Then he changes hold to thumb draw.
Drawing the string - mostly by string hand, but bow hand will add khatra in the time of shot.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 1.5 seconds

My description of technique

I do this technique in a bit different way. I hold the arrows pressed between fingers and the palm, because it suits me better (Mihai Cozmei holds them in the fist). My hold is mentioned in Arab archery, so it is historically proved. Second difference is in the nocking. I nock by a push, because it works best for me. Mihai nocks by taking around.