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Nocking an arrow by pumping

In the end it will finish as nocking by a push or pull. Pumping is about how to take the arrow by its nock if you hold it anywhere else at the begining. Which then enables you to nock by some other technique. It is a relatively slowery way, but very sure, reliable, and working in every situation.

In the begining you hold the arrow anywhere on its shaft, in any position. Following will be described for holding arrow in the fist somewhere in the middle of arrow, because that is a common situation that will occur for example when taking arrow from the ground. You will want to nock from the inside of the bow, the string hand should go also from the inside.


1) Set the front part of arrow to the inner side of the bow. Index finger of the bow hand will take it.

2) String hand will then start to slide back on the arrow; arrow do not move, because fron hand holds it lightly. String hand will slide over feathers, and take the arrow nock in a way you want (by three fingers for example).

3) String hand then pushes the whole arrow forward; index finger of the bow hand ensures the arrow's correct position, but lets it slide.

4) As soon as string hand reaches the space betweet the bow and the string, start pulling the arrow to yourself and do a pull-nocking. 

So the pumping consists of moving arrow backwards (sliding over the arrow), the forwards (pushing the arrow) and then backwards again (nocking arrow and drawing string).There are several moves, so everything is slower. But it has some advantage over other ways of nocking - it is possible to nock without looking event from position that is not ideal. In my oppinion, pumping slhould learn every fast-archer, because it always works. Whenever something spills out from your hands and you grab it as it goes, the pumping technique will enable you to shoot all the same.

Variants: Pumping may be used even for nocking from the outer side of bow. During point 4) you may use nocking by a push instead of pull. This is faster in my oppinion. It is also possible to do the nocking by taking around, which Murat Ozveri seems to do in some videos.