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Positions - bow and arrow

Before you can start to draw the string, the arrow has to be nocked. The arrow may be put to the bow from outside or inside.

Nowadays it is far more common to put it from inside, and it is used also in sport archery.  However putting from outside was historically used quite often, and many ways of nocking requires the arrow to be put from outside. Both is possible (I wouldn't write it here otherwise), put it also depends on the type of your bow. If you have the bow with arrow rest, center-shot grip or something like that, you have to put your arrow to the side where the arrow rest is. The other side is usually totally unsuable doe to the sape of bow center.

Because the arrow from outside if unusual (to uknown) among contemporary European archers, I will write something about it.


It is better tou shoot instinctively with the arrow from outside. If you try to aim by looking along the arrow, the bow will cover your sight.

Arrow put from the outside may be held by both thumb and index finger of the bow hand (index finger will reach it over the width of the bow). The arrow is the more firm and stable.

Arrow from the outside works very well with thumb draw or slavic draw. These ways push the arrow a bit to the inside, which in this case means against the bow. Arrow is then more stable before the shot, and does not slant away even when running or riding horse.


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