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Nocking by taking around

Taking around is in fact similar to pull-nocking from the outer side of the bow. There is a difference in thumb position - when taking around the thumb goes around the bowstring from the other side than other finger which bring the arrow.


1) At the beginniong hold the arrow by two fingers, excluding the thumb. It is easiest between index and middle finger. Thumb then presses the end of arrow against index finger, and cas adjust the rotation by rolling. 

2) You draw the thumb aside, away from the arrow. The arrow is the held only between indfex and middle finger. It should be firm enough, which can be achieved by hadred clench of the whole hand.

3) Whole string hand goes to the bowstring, in a way so that the string will come to the space between the thumb (stretched away) and the rest of the hand. It is easy and natural - just as if you wanted to grab the string by thumb. 

4) When the string hand touches the string, the thumb will be on the inner side of string, while the rest of the hand (with arrow) on the outer side. The arrow is laid ont the bow hand (or arrow rest) and possibly (not neccessarilly) was taken by its fingers.  The thumb of string hand now grabs around the string, so that it holds the arrow nock against index or middle finger (from the other side). This is exactly wha t I call "takiing around". Correct rotation of arrow could be ensured before, or may be adjusted now.

5) Fingers and the string are now in a position very similar to nocking by a push - thumb and index finger form a narrow chamber which contains both the string and the arrow nock. 

6) By a pull of hand tou yourself slide the nock on the string. Hand may then continue to drawing string by mediterranean (or slavic) draw, or may change the hold to something else.

Variants: The way of nocking will differ depending on what two fingers held the arrow at the begining. I have not yet mastered much the "workflow" for arrow between middle and ring finger, or between ring and little finger, so I don't describe it.

Theoretically it is fastest to shoot by mediterranean draw after nocking. However both Mihai Cozmei and Brian C change the hold to a thumb draw instead, which makes it (a bit) slower.  They do it because they hold the bunch of arrow at the same time in the rest of string hand, and by thumb draw they can shoot easily without letting it go. As both of them show, the time loss is very small if you trained it enough.