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Murat Özveri

Murat Özveri (Turkish) brings turkish archery to life again. He presents his technique as authentically historical, which is probably true, because it is mentioned also in the Arab archery text.


Arrow storage - in the string hand, between fingers, held in the middle of shaft (or near to arrowheads).
Separation of arrow - with the help of bow hand finger when starting to pump.
Nocking - by pumping, from the outside of the bow. The string hand ends in "mediterranean from the outside", but Murat then changes hold to a thumb draw.
Drawing the string - by thumb draw. Both hands do the draw, but string hand more.
Speed: ~ 1 arrow in 3 seconds

Murat does not boast the speed as others can achieve, but his technique is very reliable. Anytime something goes wrong in my hand, and I don§t want to stop shooting, I authomatically switch to this technique, because it works always.

My imitation and description of technique