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Brian C.


Brian C. aims for shooting 1 arrow in 0.5s for # arrows, as it is hinted in Saracen archery. In the same time he wants (despite Lars Andersen) to use thumb release, because it is what arabs did. He managed to do it with the technique that he shows in the video and I describe here.

Arrow storage - in the string hand, between fingers, held by the end of arrow with feathers to the back of hand. He uses exactly three arrows.
Separation of arrow - Arrows are already separated between fingers. Arrows are taken gradually from the top (first one is under the index finger, last one under the ring finger). He may help to lean chosen arrow out by a thumb, but I don't know exactly how yet.
Nockingby taking around. Exact move differs depending on which of the three arrows is being taken; I cannot to this weel in the meantime, so I don't know exactly how. He then changes hold to thumb draw.
Drawing the string - Both hands, both in similar amount.
Speed: max. 1 arrow in 0.4 seconds

Brian C. uses some more variants of the technique, which are slower but enables you to use more then three arrows. They differ mostly in how bunch of arrows is held and how the arrow is separated. The nocking and shot itself is the same. One of the variants is identical with Mihai Cozmei. In second variant he holds arrows in the bow hand with feathers down, and separates arrows by leaning out.