Fast archery




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Existing techniques

Following is the list of fast-archery techniques as I have found them on internet. It is not full, because it seems that EVERY reasonable combination of moves is usable, and also that someone uses it. Take it as inspiration, try to combine it, expreriment, and find your favourite technique. Every one has some advantages.

My oppinion - nowadays we won't probably create something totally new, that someone would not found before. If we create today a working fast-archery technique, sone in history probably used it already. But who? Neither the History itself will probably answer this. The techniques listed here are named by their representatives, and in text I state which culter is he part of, or tho which culture he stylizes himself.

And what technique is the best? Neihter. Some is superfast, but not usable in a long series with many arrows. Other is fast too, but arrows are held quite lightly and it is easy to spill them during motion. Others are slower, but robust and can handle situations when something slides in your hand in the way thet it should not.

In the end it depends on you and your priorities; even if you cannot reach the speed of Lars Andersen, you don't have to feel ashamed.



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